Renewing America’s Cities for Equality … for all people.

The Mission

Encouraging relationships throughout the country by creating a culture of honor.

We build bridges together, for a reconciled future by honoring and valuing all people for who they are.

The Book

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The Culture of Honor Between the Lines

An excerpt form the book

“An extremely powerful story of a young man who grew in Between the Lines” from the time he was born to today.

Bob’s early experience in life prepared him for a life of humility dealing with racism but through his quiet experiences that he rarely shared, the injustices- large and small, often times was only a reflection of people’s preconceived ideas of who he was, in many cases his individuality was not seen in him at all.

His experiences shared in this book has implications far beyond the obvious racial parallel, and is skillfully shared. The incidents of his stories are true as best remembered and may be even a surprise to some who know this man today. His experiences with black versus white and black versus black clashed with his disillusion, but finally, The Culture of Honor – Between the Lines helped to bring truth and healing in areas of his life that has today produce a great love and honor of all people. Parts of this experience may have been told before, but never with such freshness, intensity, truth and power.

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The Management Team

Robert Whitt III - Founder

Robert “Bob” Whitt is a seasoned community and regional convener with deep experience in unity development across public and nonprofit sectors. An accomplished transformational leader with a strong portfolio of successes, Bob is focusing on creating new initiatives that can bring change in diverse communities in the region and abroad.

Our Philosophy

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Our Blog

Thoughts from our hearts, to our community.

An Open Letter from Bob Whitt

As a Christian, I believe that we have a responsibility to love people as God has loved us. He paid a price for us to love one another. Being a Christian doesn’t make me perfect, but it does give me the opportunity to demonstrate the love of God to all people.

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More on R.A.C.E.

African Americans have been associated with brutality of being slaves, fathers being separated from families, rapes, lynching’s, and false imprisonment of the injustice that we face even today.

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Guest Blog

We have a responsibility to love people as God loves us. The issue of race and injustice goes back to the beginning of time. Jesus came to earth to deliver us from the sins of racism and injustice but somehow we took it back down off the cross to carry it again.

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